The Peace Philosophy Center, Vancouver, BC (CANADA) Presents

Hiroshima Revisited: Questioning the collective memory of the
atomic-bombing and war in Japan

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

PANEL MEMBERS: Yuki Tanaka (Historian, Australia/Japan), Satoko Oka Norimatsu (Director, Peace Philosophy Centre), Akari Kojima & Yoshiki Kanai (RADICAL BANANA).


We, four INMP Conference presenters with the common theme of questioning the Japanese narrative of war and the atomic bombing, invite the Conference participants to a special Q&A session. This discussion is based on the following three paper presentations:

  1. Yuki Tanaka: The U.S.-Japan Conspiracy: Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki (11 min.)

  2. Satoko Oka Norimatsu: We Need an Alternative Peace Museum in Hiroshima: Questioning Japanese Hiroshima-centred War Memory (15 min.)

  3. Akari Kojima and Yoshiki Kanai, RADICAL BANANA: Voices Suppressed by the "Peace Memorial City" (25 min.)