Peace Pilgrimages to Memorials & Museums:
Witnessing and Remembering

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

PANEL MEMBERS: Roy Tamashiro (Webster University, USA); Amanda M. Kingston & Lucy E. Bailey, Oklahoma State University (Oklahoma State University, USA); Kathleen Cogan (MA, Licensed Professional Counselor- Intern (TX, USA); Ae-duck Im (Jeju National University, South Korea).

ABSTRACT: A panel discussion/dialogue with five peace scholar-educators who presented papers on pilgrimages to memorials and museums for peace. This discussion is based on the following four paper presentations:

Roy Tamashiro: Triumph of the Human Spirit: Peace Pilgrimages to Memorials and Museums

Amanda M. Kingston & Lucy E. Bailey: Pilgrimages of tenderness: Embodied pedagogies of peacelearning at Oklahoma memorials

  • Ae-duck Im: Peace Pilgrimage from Jeju 4.3 through Kyoto Peace Museum into Hiroshima Peace Park

  • Kathleen Cogan: Remembering: Censorship of Remnants to Forced Sexual Slavery at Sachsenhausen