WEBINAR 2: Directors/Curators Panel

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

Webinar 2: Directors/Curators Panel

Theme: Discussions of Directors and Curators for a Hopeful Future of Peace Museums by Strengthening Networking from the Challenges We Face Today and Handling Baton to the Next Generations

Recorded: Aug 4, 2020 09:30 PM


  • Ago Shinichi: Panel coordinator

Director of the Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University (Japan)
  • Junko Kanekiyo: Assistant

Curator, Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University (Japan)
  • Ms. Anneliese Hardman: Cambodia Peace Gallery (USA)

  • Dr. Erik Somers: The Netherlands Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies (NIOD), (The Netherlands)

Historian and researcher
  • Dr. Clive Barrett: The Peace Museum, Bradford (UK)

  • Dr. Tanya Maus: Peace Resource Center, Wilmington College (USA)

  • Ms. Emi Karimata: Himeyuri Peace Museum / Himeyuri Peace Research Center (Japan)