Why Are Peace Hero Museums Important?

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

Title: Why Are Peace Hero Museums Important? Insights on Peace Hero Museums’ Societal Value and Function & How to Successfully Replicate the Peace Hero Model

Authors: Liska Blodgett, Founder, Peace Heroes Museums (USA), Hannah White

Abstract: Today people need lifelong learning they need education lots of classes are springing up throughout the world one minute university one week university or some of the options available to people.

Peace hero museums gives people the opportunity to be inspired not buy a one day class book by a person who has done some thing courageous. The person who has done something inspirational.

We can teach people and show people by example. Hopefully people will be inspired to do something that requires some amount of courage it may not require extreme courage but it does require some amount of courage and we hope that these people will go out in their communities and do something of value. We hope to show this in our peace hero museums discussion.

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