Peace Education in Schools with Newsletters of INMP

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

Title: Peace Education in Schools with Newsletters of INMP

Authors: Atsuko Akamatsu, Takamori High School; Keiko Kikuchi, Rikkyo University (Japan)

Abstract (Keiko Kiduchi): I will exhibit my Rikkyo University and Daito Bunka University students' reflective comments on newsletters of INMP together with Ms.Atsuko Akamatsu, who will exhibit her high school students' works. Also, I would like to exhibit students' reaction writing or drawing after they listen to a Jewish peace activist's talk in our English class with the help of the Zoom system. Yet due to the Covid19 pandemic, the schedule of my lectures has changed and the lesson time is quite shortened, so there is some uncertainty in my students' progress of work.

Updated: 2020-09-19 by Atsuko Akamatsu:

I have helped my students in high schools to exchange their works for peace with students from other countries. As one of the translators of newsletters of INMP in Japan, I have thought the newsletters can be very good materials for students to learn facts they haven’t learned from textbooks and efforts staff members of the museums have been making for peace. My students wrote comments on the article they chose from a newsletter of INMP, what they researched on the topic, and what they thought about it. I’d like to exhibit the students’ comments about the newsletters and other works on peace in the series of activities for peace education in English lessons. I would like to add some suggestions about collaborations among museums for peace and schools. I hope this exhibition will show how inspiring the newsletters of INMP are to students and how teachers can include such activities for peace education in classes.

Ms. Kikuchi Keiko, a lecturer at Rikkyo University and Daito Bunka University in Saitama, Japan, used INMP newsletters as teaching materials for her classes and her students wrote summaries and comments about the articles. Their works are also included in the exhibition.