Ernst Friedrich's Anti-War Museum:
The first museum for peace in Europe

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

Title: Ernst Friedrich's Anti-War Museum - The first museum for peace in Europe

Author(s): Tommy Spree
Director, Anti-War Museum Berlin (Germany)

Abstract: Ernst Friedrich, the founder of the Anti-War Museum in Berlin, was born on February 25th 1894 in Breslau. Already in his early years he was engaged in the proletarian youth movement. In the 1920s the pacifist Ernst Friedrich was already well-known in Berlin for his book »War against War!« when he opened his Anti-War Museum. The museum became a centre of cultural and pacifist activities until it was destroyed by the Nazis in March 1933 and its founder got arrested. The following decade's journey concludes in the re-founded Anti-War Museum of 1982, again in Berlin.

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