The Role of Art in Conveying Memories to Future Generations

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

Title: The Role of Art in Conveying Memories to Future Generations

Author: Kya Kim, Director, Peace Mask Project (Kyoto, Japan)

Abstract: Peace Mask Project is a nonprofit organization based in Kyoto, Japan, that uses art as a platform for dialogue and conflict transformation through workshops and exhibitions. Launched in the year 2000 with a project to bring together Koreans and Japanese individuals, Founding Artist Myong Hee Kim has been making washi paper impressions of over 2,000 model's faces from around the world to promote peace and harmony. Peace Mask Project Director Kya Kim will present about the role of art in conveying memories to future generations by explaining some of the projects that Peace Mask Project has undertaken over the past 20 years. She will be highlighting the Hibakusha Peace Mask Project, which brought together 100 individuals (1st-4th generation) who survived the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of WWII. The project is currently looking for a permanent home for the 100 Hibakusha Peace Masks. Information will be included in the presentation.