Fukutsukan: Kamejiro Senaga and the People's History Museum

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

Title: Fukutsukan: Kamejiro Senaga and the People's History Museum

Author: Chihiro Uchimura, Director of Fukutsukan Museum

Abstract: We are not dependent on the government, but rather on our members to maintain and manage the Fukutsukan. Everyone who comes to the Fukutsukan has their own memories of Kamejiro, and we have a lot to offer. They want to talk about him and it's nice to listen to them according to staff members. The exhibition of photos and other materials focuse on incidents, accidents, and hot topics that occurred during the year. We invite speakers to give lectures. I’d like young people to get to know Kamejiro Senaga through SNS. We are trying to promote peace education among students in Okinawa. University professors come to Okinawa with their students to learn about Okinawa's postwar history. (There are stories about students and professors.) Due to COVID-19, the number of visitors to the museum has decreased drastically, and we are currently collecting donations through crowdfunding. Through this project, we have received warm feelings and words from people, and we feel strongly that we must not lose this museum on post-war history.