A Tentative plan for “Science and War” exhibition

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

Title: A Tentative plan for “Science and War” exhibition

Author: Takayuki Kodera, Research Fellow, International Peace Research Institute, Meiji Gakuin University JAPAN)

Abstract: Since the end of World War II, Japanese academics have refused military research. It based on the reflections of the war, in which Japanese scientists contributed to the invasion. The Science Council of Japan declared that Japanese scientists will never engage the military research in 1950 and 1967. These pledges are consistent with the Constitution of Japan, Article 9.

Recently, however, these peaceful principles have been violated. The Japanese government has been promoting military-academia joint research.

This aim is to make the most advanced weapons using technologies such as AI, Robot and so on. So we have organized “Japan Coalition Against Military Research in Academia” on 2016 with many scientists, citizens and university unions.

We are responsible for not repeating the bitter experience of participating in war through military research.

The Peace Museum has the potential to be a place for people to think about this problems. For example:

  • Exhibits of negative aspects of science and technology in past and modern warfare.

  • Thoughts of scientists who cooperated with the war and subsequent reflection

  • The falseness of the discourse that science was developed by military research.

  • Records of citizens who resisted the war.

  • Inspire the imagination of future wars.