Keep Memory for Peace:
Peace Education Practice and Reflection of the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

Title: The Revolution is here: Peace Museums in the Middle East and North African region

Author: Syeda Rumana Mehdi, University of York, UK

Abstract: The Middle East and North African region has been a hot bed for conflict for so long that we often forget about its rich history and its ample culture. From the pyramids to the desert borders, the region has a lot of stories to tell. This paper focuses on the prospect of establishing a series of Peace Museums in Cairo, Amman and Palestine to allow the locals to tell their story to the masses.

For too long, the narrative has focused on war and violence and it is time for us to celebrate this region for what it truly is.

This paper will also look at the role of women as peacebuilders in the MENA region and their potential in contributing towards post war initiatives in their countries.