Creating museums for peace in our mind

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

Title: Creating museums for peace in our mind

Authors: Takuo Namisashi, Staff member, Peace Museum Itabashi Campaign, Japan. Takakiyo Koizumi, Mitsuko Osada, Et al. (Members: Keiko Hirayama, Shuji Kato, Tsutomu Kato, Kiwamu Kuriyama, Amane Kodama, Eiji Nagasawa, Tatsushi Okamoto, Koji Umikawa, Yoshiatsu Yamashita)

Abstract: We the Peace Museum Itabashi campaign are engaging in 4 actions; 1) Create a space for civic education; 2) Create the Third Place for free dialogues; 3) Create Arts for Peace and 4) Create Networks for peace with other museums and initiatives. Our starting point is to know the facts, share problems and thoughts, and learn mutually connecting people from diverse backgrounds. We also collaborate with the SDGs Itabashi Network to support our community in order to meet the goal of “No one left behind”.