Voices Moved the World

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

Title: Voices Moved the World

Author: Kazuhisa Itou, General Secretary :No More Hibakusha Project - Inheriting Memories of the A- and H-bomb Sufferers

Abstract: “No more Hiroshima. No more Nagasaki. No more war. No more Hibakusha.” This rather famous quote is from one of the most well-known speeches made by a Hibakusha. Hibakushas are those who were afflicted by the atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Although they have gone through so many struggles, indeed Hibakushas have never given up realizing their one and only wish, that is, never to make Hibakusha in this world ever again.

This video gives you a brief introduction of how Hibakushas’ movement has been developed in Japan and expanded towards the world along with messages from Hibakusha which have been curated by a project called “No More Hibakusha”. Hibakushas’ strong voices were gradually delivered and inherited by those who listened to. Those voices eventually drove the world and made a remarkable step towards Hibakushas’ wish. In 2017, the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty was adopted by the United Nation with approval of 122 member states. However, the Treaty needs to be ratified by the member states in order to come into effect. (E. Matsumoto)