Fubo Peace Memorial Park: “Unforgotten” for Generations to Come

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

Title: Fubo Peace Memorial Park: “Unforgotten” for Generations to Come

Author: Susan Moffatt-Thomas, Relative of a crewman memorialized in Fubo Peace Memorial Park

Abstract: “Unforgotten” for Generations to Come

My presentation is about the extraordinary story of the humanity, respect and brotherhood Shiroishi villagers in northern Japan extended to 34 American crewmen, who perished when three B-29 bombers crashed into Mt. Fubo on March 10, 1945, within minutes of each other, returning from the raid on Tokyo. In addition to making the arduous climb up the mountain, collecting and respectably burying them with “Bushido Spirit” in a mass grave, the villagers memorialized the crewmen in 1961 by placing a monument at the summit of the mountain, and in 2015, constructed Fubo Peace Memorial Park at the foot of the mountain, dedicated “in memory of the American crewman and to salute the 50 million around the world including Japan, who died during WWII”.

A year ago, I learned about the Fubo Peace Memorial Park. As the niece of one of the crewmen who is memorialized, I felt compelled to share this little-known inspiring story that promotes peace and reconciliation, through published articles and presentations to civic and veteran’s groups, which I want to share, along with their responses, to INMP conference attendees who believe in world peace through the international brotherhood.