Chukiren Peace Museum: "What is Miracle of Fushun?"

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

Title: Chukiren Peace Museum: "What is Miracle of Fushun?"

Author: Kiyokazu Hosokawa
Director, Chukiren Peace Museum (Japan)

Abstract: Japanese military personnel had committed terrible war crimes in China during Sino-Japanese War which was continued for 15 years in the age of Japan’s aggression to China in 1930’ to 1940’ before Japan surrender to the Allies in World War 2. Those military personnel were captured by Soviet and sent to Siberia, but 969 criminals were handed over to China in 1950 to be received by Fushun War Criminals Treatment Center. Those criminals at first insisted on innocence but finally admitted crimes and guilt and apologized form heart. Why they changed. No death penalties and no life sentences were issued by the War Crimes Tribunal in 1956, and criminals sentenced defined terms of imprisonment were release before fulfilling their terms. Those Japanese former war criminals founded Chukiren Peace Museum and testified honestly about cruel war through their lives.