A Virtual World Peace Museum Can Banish
War and Terror from Our Planet

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

Title: A Virtual World Peace Museum Can Banish War and Terror from Our Planet

Author: Ada Aharoni, President, IFLAC: International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace (Haifa, ISRAEL)

Abstract: The creation of an effective and powerful “VWPM”, can be a major Peace Institution for banishing War and Terror from our world. To achieve this, it has to adopt a new revolutionary concept of the role of a Museum, by exhibiting not only the disasters of the Past, but also those of the Present. The presenting of the memories of the past in the WVPM will be exhibited in a way that will strengthen the lessons learnt from the past and ensure that such atrocities, as the horrifying atomic attack in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the new ones by International Terrorism, would never happen again in the present or the future.

It is suggested that the UN, UNESCO, and the “INMP: The International Network of Museums for Peace,” create and admonish the VWPM. Its major goal would be: to change our violent world culturally, economically and physically - to reach a peaceful Global Village, in our own times.

To achieve this, it is necessary that the VWMP not only exhibits the present wars and conflicts that are preventing Global Peace, but also to present and exhibit the atrocities of Terror Organizations. The mystical and religiously oriented ones are the most dangerous, as they typically attempt to inflict as many human casualties as possible, with their suicide bombings and other atrocious methods. The elimination of Terror can be performed by attacking their ideology through the WVMP for: GUNS CAN KILL TERRORISTS BUT ONLY ATTACKING THEIR IDEOLOGY THROUGH EXHIBITING IT AND ITS ATROCITIES - CAN KILL TERROR! The VWMP should unite all Peace NGO’s and exhibit their major achievements, as those of IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace.

Ada Aharoni: My Bridge of Happiness and Peace

The Pomegranate of Reconciliation and Honor
In Hebrew with English and Arabic Translation
PROMO (3 minutes) | MOVIE (50 minutes)

The film highlights the need for reaching Peace between Israelis and Palestinians, based on the author's authentic narrative of her own uprooting, and that of the Jews from Egypt. She quotes Elie Wiesel's question at his Nobel Prize Ceremony: "Who is the enemy? The enemy Wiesel says: "Is he whose story you do not know!" Ada Aharoni tells her Palestinian "brother", as they are both the children of Abraham, that he has succeeded to tell his story of his uprooting, whereas the million Jews who were uprooted from Arab countries, have not succeeded yet to make their story known. In this film she tells her Palestinian neighbor her story in the hope that by the end of it they will be friends and not enemies anymore. It is the fascinating story of the SECOND EXODUS of the Jews from Egypt, in the second half of the Twentieth Century. The film is both documentary and personal.